Research Grant

What is the Sagnlandet Lejre Research Grant?


Sagnlandet Lejre is an open experimental centre, which works on both historical and archaeological research and presentation of the past to our visitors from all countries. Through practical experiments insight into prehistoric and historic issues is achieved for the benefit of both scientists and laymen. The purpose is to lay the groundwork for interpretation and understanding of life and the environment in the past. The research experiments are an integrated part of our presentation of the past to the public and the ongoing experiments are the core and development of our narration of prehistory


Every year Sagnlandet Lejre awards DDK 150,000 (ca. 20,000 €) to practical experiments. Portions of the grant are given to researchers and students following application to Sagnlandet Lejre.


A part of the Grant is assigned for experiments working within a certain theme. The rest of the Grant is open for experiments working with other topics and problems.



Annual theme 2010




War, fighting and conflict have been a part of human life since the dawn of time. Therefore war and conflict is essential to investigate in a historical and archaeological perspective. In 2010, Land of Legends - Lejre will focus on technological, material, physical and technical research through experiments in relation to war, armory, weapons, combat, fortification, warrior culture, conflict ect.

Experiments dealing with the same issues, materials, techniques or hypotheses in relation to the war and conflict theme, will be invited to take place during a particular workshop week or weeks in August 2010. These workshops are intended to inspire cooperation, interaction, networking and exchange of ideas between researchers.



Apply for the Sagnlandet Lejre research grant, IF:

o you have a good idea for a practical research project.

o your project is dealing with the interpretation of prehistoric or historic periods.

o you do not have the possibilities and facilities to carry out the experiment in practice.


Sagnlandet Lejre offers you:


o Financial support through the research grant.

o Space and facilities at Sagnlandet Lejre to carry out the experiment.

o The possibility of applying for funding for the assistance of the craftsmen and staff at the Experimental Centre (e.g. ceramics, textile, fibres, iron, wood, flint, foodstuffs).

o The possibility of presenting your field of research to the public and the benefit of a constructive dialogue with the visitors and staff of the Experimental Centre.

o Publication possibilities on Lejres website and other publications by Sagnlandet Lejre.


What is covered by the Research Grant?


The Grant primarily covers expences for travel, materials, documentation, equipment, expert assistance, laboratory analyses, food/drink and other expenses in connection to an experiment carried out at Sagnlandet Lejre. Wages are only granted under special circumstances. Equipment purchased with grant money belongs to the Experimental Centre after use.

Storage of documental material from finished experiments can be stored free of charge in the research archive at Lejre by appointment.


A sum granted sum is an overall amount to finance the experiment. In this respect use the following budgeting guidelines for food and travel expenses:


o Expenses for food/drink are budgeted at 100 DKR per person per day.

o Transportation expenses using private car are compensated at Danish government fees (1.90 DKK /km).

o Transportation expenses using public transportation (plane, train bus ect.) are refunded in full.

o Lodging at the Experimental Centre is free of charge for researchers and assistants.

o Practical assistance from the Experimental Centres staff or craftsmen must be included in the application budget with an estimated number of hours needed at 200 DKR per hour.


PLEASE NOTE! Expenses can only be refunded with valid, readable receipts.


Instructions for application


This application form or a copy from our website must be used. A description of the experiment (two A4- pages + images as needed), a short text presenting your experiment to the visitors at the centre and a detailed budget must be enclosed. The description must in detail inform about the background of the experiment, the research problem, the research design, and a planned time- and working schedule. The application deadline is January 1st 2010.




The award of the grant is conditioned by the following:

  • Supported experiments must be fully/ partially carried out at Sagnlandet Lejre.
  • Before November the 15th, in the same year as the grant is given, you must submit:

           - The final accounts and receipts.

           - An abstract on the experiment and its results (10- 15 lines), that will be used in the Research Centres annual report and on the website.

  • Before December the 31st, in the same year as the grant is given, a technical rapport must be submitted.


Send application and questions concerning the Research Grant to:

Sagnlandet Lejre - Centre for Historical Archaeological Research and Communication

Slangealléen 2 – DK 4320 Lejre


E-mail: mar(at) - Telephone +45 46 42 49 46


Application Deadline: Januar 1st 2010