Domestic Animals

Look a goose in the eye and stroke a goat!

There are many animals in Land of Legends: hens, geese, ducks, wild boar, cows, horses and cats, but unfortunately no dogs other than those brought by visitors, even though the dog is man’s oldest four-legged friend.


Since 2004 Land of Legends - Lejre guests also a little flock of "aurochs". The actual aurochs (Bos pimigenius) extinguished in the 17th century, but a breeding project since the 30'ies of the XX century made it possible to "reconstruct" their original physical characteristics.


Throughout history humans have influenced the development of domesticated animals, and some of the greatest changes have been seen since the agricultural reforms in the 18th century.


In Land of Legends we work to preserve old animal breeds – especially of Danish origin. Our work contributes to securing a “gene bank”, which can be drawn upon, also by modern animal breeders.


The animals of Land of Legends are used as animals have always been used - for food, clothes, tools and management of the landscape.


The animals are also included in research projects – for example:


  • Our oxen pull ards (ploughs) in projects on prehistoric agriculture
  • Cow pats are collected and analysed to investigate the composition of the cow’s fodder – both now and in prehistory
  • Our sheep flock has been monitored and registered as part of a process to create a bone collection for comparison with prehistoric bones

Due to the danger of hog cholera it is forbidden to stroke the wild boar, but you can get close to all our other animals.